We offer competitive wholesale pricing and can customize our systems to suit your clients needs. 

High Performance

The research and development put into creating the Teilen partition system has made it possible to achieve levels of performance that place it at the top of the market range of demountable partitions. Simple components, fast installation, flexibility, and high performance are the key factors that make the Teilen partition system a definitive partition. By combining the different versions it is possible to to create diverse areas, from prestigious meeting rooms, general office areas, and executive offices. Even with the diverse options available to you the Teilen systems maintains a constant visual continuity.


The technology applied in the Teilen system project gives us a different perspective towards dividing office spaces. The flexibility of its elements makes Teilen systems walls a first class design destined to create stable and functional environments. We offer a system to install indoor office environments quickly and efficiently. It’s easy to assemble and requires only a few parts.  No need for rivets and its joints are interchangeable allowing you to come up with your own custom design.

The Objective

The objective of the Teilen system partition wall is to achieve a system capable of creating functional and elegant environments using a reduced number of components compared to a conventional partitioning system, and at the same time be able to adapt to any configuration or use. Our system maintains a stylish aspect without compromising the level of performanceView of catalog for more details.

Looking for Inspiration?

 TEILEN systems walls is a premier wholesale distributor of office partition parts. Our system has been developed for large scale & interior design spaces. We sell simple to assemble parts that can be interconnected, adjusted, and taken apart very easily with the only limitations being your imagination. Customize your office in any way. Each of our models comes with an easy to use installation manual and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Click below to see examples of how our customers have designed their offices.